Duryea, Charles Edgar

Duryea, Charles Edgar
b. 15 December 1861 Cawton, Ohio, USA
d. 28 September 1938 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
American inventor and pioneer cur maker.
He began his career in the bicycle trade, in which he invented a number of devices. He launched his own business in Peoria, Illinois, and later moved to Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1891 he had designed a motor-driven carriage and a gas engine and, with his brother, J.Frank Duryea, he built the first successful American car, which was demonstrated in Springfield in September, 1893. An improved version, largely designed by Frank Duryea, won several races both at home and abroad in 1895–6. The Duryea Motor Wagon Company made the first sale of an American-made automobile in 1896. Charles later organized the Duryea Power Company, manufacturing a three-cylinder car until 1914, the brothers parting company in 1898. Frank developed the Stevens-Duryea between 1903 and 1914.
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